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MSI MAG VAMPIRIC 100R- Gaming Tower Cabinet

MSI MAG VAMPIRIC 100R Gaming Comuter case

supports ATX / M-ATX / Mini-ITX MOTHERBOARDS.  Buy in DUbai

Product Name MAG VAMPIRIC 100R
I/O Ports
USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type A x 1
Lighting ARGB
Power Supply Standard ATX, max up to 270mm (without
3.5” HDD case installed)

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MSI MAG VAMPIRIC 100R Gaming Tower Case supports ATX / M-ATX / Mini-ITX MOTHERBOARDS. It quickly controls the fan color and lighting effects with Insta-Light Loop at the touch of a button. Click through the profiles at ease and choose a favorite. The MSI MAG VAMPIRIC 100 Series reveals your arsenal with a tempered glass side panel. Arm the system with MSI’s liquid cooler, motherboard, and graphics card for the ultimate display of power and performance.

 Technical Details

Today we have a pretty interesting case with us here at Hardware Corpus. The MSI MAG Vampiric 100R, a budget-oriented cabinet designed for entry-level builds but still managing to incorporate a beautiful flair to itself.

The case features an awesome, plentiful yet tasteful integration of ARGB lighting in the front panel with a very diffused slash of color, however in the process of achieving this beautiful diffusion… the case has to take up a huge hit in terms of space and hardware compatibility. We shall talk in details about this problem while discussing case dimensions and hardware compatibility.

Who is this case Designed for?

From our testing and build experience in this case we came to the conclusion that this case is mostly designed for people who are looking for a case below 5000 Rupees and wants some spicy lighting effects prebuilt because more often than not, motherboards in this beginner-level don’t come with luxuries like onboard ARGB headers.  Basically, this case is targeted at entry-level builds.

Let’s kick off this review with the case dimensions and hardware compatibility: –

Length: – 16 inches (with the Front panel on)

13.5 inches (without the Front panel on)

Breadth: – 7.8 inches

Height: – 17.9 inches

Ground clearance: – 0.5 inch

PSU Length: – 8.7 inches with HDD cage

So, we don’t think that PSU compatibility will be a huge issue in this case.

Radiator Support: –

1)Front: 360mm (not officially listed on the website) (however for using a 360mm rad in the front you will have to ditch the hard-disk cage and use a graphics card below 275mm, something like the gaming x series.) Here we would like to point out that the case has a front panel depth of 3cms at its thickest. Of which the case wastes about 2.6cms while incorporating the ARGB diffusion mechanism, which doesn’t offer any real-world functionality except perhaps the stunning aesthetics. So, we think this is a weird design choice on the part of the brand. We think this area could be utilized much better by going with a different mechanism for the diffusion, which may be reflective paneling, as that would have freed up this 2.6cms of space as in the case of this dimensions space is prime real estate. Freeing up this space would let builders utilize this space by maybe placing the fans here and would have allowed an easy installation of a 360mm.

280mm which isn’t officially listed but we think the case can handle a 280 at the front no issues.

240mm is very easily supported and most optimal at the front. (no push pull at the front)

2)Top: No radiator support at the top.

3) Rear: 120mm. (push- pull possible)

Fan Support: –

1)Front: 2x140mm, 3x120mm.

2)Top:  2x120mm.

3) Rear: 1x120mm. (1 ARGB non PMW is already included)

CPU Air Cooler: – up to 160mm. (therefore, Compatibility is quite high)

3.5 inches Slots: – 1 in the HDD cage, 1 on top of the HDD cage however no rubber grommets are available.

2.5inches Slots: – 3 in total,

PCI-e slots: – 7 horizontal.

Space for Cable Management: – 2cms. (would have loved to seen a bit more space.)

Motherboard Support: – M-ITX, M-ATX, ATX.

Moving over to what we think about this case: –

The MSI MAG VAMPIRIC is a pretty interesting case. It has got its’ points of pros and cons alike.

Let’s move on to the actual testing with a proper PC Build and monitor the performance and analyse accordingly.

Test System Specifications:-

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Processor

Asrock B450 Steel Legend Motherboard

ADATA XPG D41 (8×2) 3200 MHZ





Here 3x120mm fans @1800rpm (in the front) serve as intakes and 3x120mm fans @1800rpm (2 at the top and 1 at the rear) serve as the exhausts. It is to be noted here that the ambient temperature was locked at 27c.

Test Observations: –

1) We saw a maximum temperature of 63c on the Ryzen 5 3600 with a mild OC of 4.1ghz @1.35435v while running AIDA 64 for about 45 mins.

2) The maximum temperature on the GPU was closer to 72c while running the Heaven Benchmark. This benchmark was also run for about 45 mins

Build Experience in the case: –

The build experience we had was quite mixed to be honest.

There were places where this case was an absolute dream, like plenty of cable tie down points, proper spaces for cable routing and all. But there were points of time where this case was an absolute nightmare, especially because of its cramped-up dimensions and scarcity of space. However, we don’t think that this won’t be a huge issue as this case is mostly targeted at entry level builds.

So, coming to what we think about this case: –

  1. The ventilation in this case is pretty decent thanks to its integration of a mesh panel.
  1. Build quality is good in this case as we often see brands cheaping out in materials at the sub 5k ball park.
  1. Aesthetics is a very strong point on this case. We can clearly see that brand went as far as to jeopardize functionality for that look. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when we say that it looks absolutely stunning.
  1. Loved the inclusion of USB 3.0.
  1. Would have loved to seen better and more included fans
  1. If the case had been just a bit larger, we would have seen much better hardware compatibility.
  1. More storage slots would be appreciated as there is space but no integration.
  1. An ARGB controller output would have been awesome as board at this entry level don’t come with ARGB header. So, adding such a option would let user to control and sync his other ARGB components.

Overall, we liked this case and would give it the following scores based on the following headings.

Aesthetics: – 4/5

Build quality: – 4/5

Build experience: – 2.5/5

Airflow: – 5/5.

A pretty decent case from MSI but we were expecting a bit more from it, there are some missing points which we would love to see getting covered by MSI in future iterations (if any) of this case or any other case MSI launches at this price bracket, as the competition at this ball park is too steep.

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 500 × 450 × 250 cm


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