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ViewSonic 3300 Lumens WXGA HDMI Interactive Ultra Short Throw Projector – PS750W

The ViewSonic PS750W projector is a total solution for school projection, complete with interactive modules, wall mount kit and digital white board software. With the ability to project 100” images from a distance of only 0.16m* from the projection surface, the projector is flexible enough to fit any classrooms installation and keeps the projection beam out of sight and eliminating image shadows for distraction-free classroom application. The all-in-one interactive solution encourages collaboration in the classroom and eliminating the installation problems. A customizable wall mount with quick installation and flexible adjustment featuring a 3-axis alignment system. The interactive module supports and recognizes finger touch, allowing users to work on projected images collaboratively. vBoard for Windows digital whiteboard software offers access to rich interactive teaching tools and allows teachers to take entire lessons from classroom to classroom with ease via a account. Vertical projection is perfect for starting group discussions, making subjects more immersive, and allowing multiple students to collaboratively draw and write on the same flattop screen. Utilizing PS750W’s cleverly concealed PortAll™ compartment provides more flexibility when using wireless dongles and PC sticks and allows teachers to present their own customized lesson content. PS750W is the ultimate complete-package interactive projection solution for school projection and the perfect fit for making class more engaging than ever.

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An All-in-one Interactive Solution

A Total Solution for School Projection

The all-in-one interactive solution includes embedded camera, wall mount kit, laser curtain module plus IR pen and vBoard for Windows–digital white board software, encouraging collaboration in the classroom and eliminating installation difficulties.

All-in-oneInteractive Solution

10-point Touch Collaboration

This projector supports up to 10-point simultaneous touch interactivity, allowing multiple students to work together at the screen using their fingers or an IR pen.


Wide Area Laser Detection

New laser curtain technology with up to 180-degree detection can scan a wider touch area and can be easily adjust via a visible beam. With the laser curtain, teacher can turn their wall into an interactive canvas for their students.

Up to180-degreedetection

Rich Annotation Tool

One Account Wherever You Go

To use the vBoard for Windows digital whiteboard software, first go to and register via a Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, or email account. With this account, teachers can login to different devices for an easy way to take their lessons from classroom to classroom.

Cloud Storage Service

After registering with you can choose to integrate your account with popular third-party cloud storage providers such as Google Drive, One Drive, and Dropbox to easily save and access files.


ViewBoard Cast Content Sharing

Using the ViewBoard Cast feature allows teachers and students to share contents between connected devices simultaneously via internet, and it can also be used for remote communication with distance students.

  • Cast a ViewBoard to my screen: Teachers can stream teaching content to students’ Chrome browser.
  • Cast my screen to a ViewBoard: Students can stream their content to teacher via Chrome browser.
On-siteContent Sharing

Rich Annotation Tool for the Classroom

The vBoard for Windows digital whiteboard software provides users with the ability to write and draw on any projected images, such as document files and web pages. These tools are especially useful in the classroom where they can be used to enhance teaching activities and make lessons more engaging than ever.

vBoard for Windows

Intuitive Gesture Control

vBoard for Windows lets you use gesture control to write and draw intuitively.

  • Hold + Move up, down, left or right: Choose between different paint colors, thicknesses, Post-it colors, and highlighter options.
  • One finger hold + second finger tap: Toggle between print mode and paint mode.
  • Move your palm on the board: Erase
  • Three finger swipe to the right: Split the screen in half with vBoard for Windows on one half and the desktop on the other.



Record and Share Lessons with Ease

vBoard for Windows lets you record lessons and activities with the screen recording feature, which includes voice recording and annotations. Save and playback allow you to share lesson content with ease.

Screen Recording

Effortless Installation

Fit For Classrooms of All Sizes

Ultra-short throw projection gives you room to work with when positioning the projector. With the flexibility to be placed within inches of a screen, users will be able to project big images in any space, while also keeping presenters clear of the projection beam and avoid image shadows.


Discrete Wireless Multimedia Content Streaming

PortAll® is a cleverly hidden compartment with integrated MHL/HDMI and USB ports that allow teachers to wirelessly stream content from media dongles. The built-in USB port supplies up to 10W of power for charging connected devices simultaneously without affecting the power source.

  • Wireless Sharing
    Plug wireless dongles into PortAll® and say goodbye to messy cables. Once connected, teachers can stream lesson content from a tablet or laptop directly to the big screen hassle-free.
  • Portable Lessons
    Plugging a PC stick into the PortAll® compartment gives you the ultimate flexibility by allowing you to stream your own content without any additional connections to PCs or laptops needed. Teachers will enjoy the portability of taking entire lessons from classroom to classroom in their pocket.
PoweredMicro USB

Easy Image Adjustment

Horizontal and Vertical Keystone correction along with 4 corner adjustment features eliminate crooked or distorted images for a perfectly proportioned picture every time.

Image CorrectionAdvanced

Immersive Audiovisual Performance

Creative Applications

PS750W can project vertically downward and is perfect for starting group discussions, making subjects more interesting, and allowing multiple students to draw and write on the same table screen.


True-to-life Color Accuracy

ViewSonic’s proprietary SuperColor™ Technology displays a wider color range than conventional DLP projectors, ensuring that users enjoy more realistic and accurate color projection in both bright and dark environments without sacrificing image quality.


Powerful Stereo Sound with SonicExpert

Equipped with ViewSonic’s proprietary SonicExpert® technology, PS750W’s dual 10W speakers are designed with a larger sound chamber and a more powerful amplifier to deliver immersive sound.


Enhanced Audio Performance with SonicMode

SonicMode uses an embedded DSP chip to fine tune sound performance and offers 3 different scenario modes including standard, speech and entertainment. Speech and entertainment modes are fine-tuned to provide the optimal sound quality for presentations and video content, making it especially useful in the classroom.


Smart Design

Image Quality Protection

The advanced sealed optical engine prevents dust and moisture from entering the projector and affecting the thermal system, maintaining consistent image quality and extending the projector’s lifespan.

AdvancedSealed Optical Engine

Advanced Air Filtration

The optional advanced waveform air filter utilizes a rounded design and larger surface area to catch more dust than a conventional flat surface filter, keeping internal operations running smoothly and extending the projector’s lifecycle.

OptionalWaveform Air Filter

Convenient Setting Changes

When this projector is mounted in the ceiling, the design of side keypad and focus adjustment make it easily to change settings for users.

SideKeypad & Focus Adjustment

User Friendly

Centralized Management

PS750W is Creston, AMX and PJ Link certified and can be easily controlled and monitored remotely from a PC. IT personnel can manage up to 256 projectors at one time and control operations including scheduling through a LAN IP with an advanced, real-time alert system that sends status updates about power, lamp life, and unit location for simplified maintenance.

LAN Control

Instant Activation

Get your projector up and running easily with two simple settings:

  • Signal Power On: The projector will power on automatically upon detection of a VGA cable connection.
  • Direct Power On: Simply connect the power cord and begin; the projector will power itself on automatically.
Instant Activate

Exterior & Rear I/O Connectors

  1. PortAll
  2. Projection Lens
  3. Camera
  4. LED indicator
  5. IR remote sensor
  6. Air filter
  7. Focus
  8. Keypad
  9. USB
  10. Mini USB vTouch
  11. HDMI
  12. S video/ Composite
  13. Audio in/out
  14. Dual VGA
  15. RS232
  16. VGA out
  17. Laser module 5V/1.5A
  18. LAN
  19. Lamp door
  20. Kensington® Lock Slot


Projection Distance Calculator

Use ViewSonic projection distance calculator to find the best projector installation distance for your environment.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 50 cm
Brightnss (Lumens)





WXGA 1280×800


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